40 Years: 1980 - 2020


In 1980,when eight special operations warriors lost their lives during a hostage rescue attempt in Iran, a promise was made to provide a college education to their surviving 17 children.

Today, the Foundation continues this solemn pledge to educate every child whose special operations parent loses their life in the line of duty.

College Scholarships

We ensure full financial assistance for post-secondary scholarships for every child who loses a parent serving in Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps special operations.  We make sure each child has the resources to attend the best college for which he or she qualifies.

SOWF ensures the full cost of a college education including tuition, fees, room and board, books, tutoring, computer, printer, supplies, transportation, college visits, and ACT/SAT preparation.

Our scholarships are grants, not loans, and can be used for private universities, state or community colleges, vocational-technical training, and career institutions.

By setting the expectation for higher education, and supporting each of our student's goals individually, our scholarship recipients are much more likely to attend and graduate college as compared to the national average.

Over the last 10 years, 86% of SOWF scholarship recipients attended college, that is 27% over the national average. 93% of SOWF students who entered college in the last 10 years either graduated or are currently enrolled, that is 33% over the national average.


The Need


Currently eligible surviving children in college, high school, elementary & preschool


College graduates

Each student in the Foundation’s program is unique, and so is his or her funding needs. Our Family Services Team works with each of our students closely to customize the program that meets their needs. We are currently supporting 170 surviving children in college. There are another 695 children who will require college funding in the future. That number grows steadily as special operations warriors continue to sustain casualties in the line of duty.