College Scholarships

SOWF ensures funding for the total cost of a college education

What makes our college scholarships unique

Our Scholarships Are Guaranteed

Our scholarships are guaranteed

SOWF students qualify for college funding without an application

Our Scholarships Are Grants, not loans

Our scholarships are grants, not loans,

and can be used for private universities, state or community colleges, vocational-technical training, and career institutions.

More Likely To Attend College

More likely to attend college

By setting the expectation for higher education, and supporting each of our student's goals individually, our scholarship recipients are more likely to attend and graduate college as compared to the national average.

Above the national average

Above the National Average

Over the last 10 years, 86% of SOWF scholarship recipients attended college, that is 27% above the national average. 93% of SOWF students who entered college in the last 10 years either graduated or are currently enrolled, that is 33% above the national average.

Funds College Campus Visits

Funds College Campus Visits

SOWF funds college campus visits for high school students and a guardian so they can be confident in their decision when choosing their college.

Reimburses Application Fees

Reimburses Application Fees

Special Operations Warrior Foundation reimburses application fees for three colleges.
FAQs for Students/Families

What is the Scholarship Process?  

There are no deadlines. Scholarship requests are processed year-round. We need an invoice from your school and some other documents so we can create your customized budget. You will need to complete a simple online form (so we have all of your pertinent information).  

What expenses are covered for the college scholarship?

Our goal is to bridge the gap in funding between available sources of grants and scholarships (i.e., VA Chapter 33 or 35, federal, state, local and private grants) and the total cost of college.  Costs related to undergraduate education: tuition, room and board, books, fees, miscellaneous and transportation expenses. New freshmen students also receive a computer package (laptop, printer, laptop bag). Students can be enrolled in either public or private institutions, colleges, universities and vocational-technical schools. 

How are the funds provided?

Once the scholarship award has been approved, the student’s educational institution will paid directly.   Students will receive payment (either check or EFT) for transportation and miscellaneous expenses (and housing, if applicable).

Where Our Students Attend College

Questions about Scholarships?

Contact a Scholarship  Specialist
at 813-805-9400 or send an email at