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Family Outreach and Support Services

Academic Counseling

Academic and career counseling services are available to all eligible children beginning at a young age. By setting the expectation of a post-secondary education, our students begin setting their academic and professional goals from a young age. SOWF’s counselors are there to ensure that each student is on track to reach those goals.

Birthday Cards & Invitations To Special Events

SOWF’s communication with each student and family is ongoing and consistent. Birthday cards are sent to all “children,” whether they are celebrating their first birthday or one many years later.  Whenever the Scholarships Team travels, we always look for ways to spend time with our students and families through luncheons and casual dinners.

Unit Briefings & Public Presentations

SOWF’s Scholarships & Family Outreach Team provides informational briefings to Special Operations commands and units and to a wide-ranging audience desiring to know more about the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. To request an informational briefing, contact SOWF at (813) 805-9400 or email

SOWF'S Family Outreach and support strengthens student connection to special forces community

“My time with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation has been nothing short of amazing. Not only have I been able to connect with families who share a similar background but reconnected with people I knew during my time in middle and school high school. Although the connection is bittersweet, I’ve had a great opportunity to build new relationships. I have even had a chance to be a mentor for high school students coming through the program. SOWF aligns with my core values when it comes to outreach for families of fallen soldiers because they truly care.”

JaLeesha Petty is the daughter of First Sergeant Anthony Brock. She graduated from Central Washington University in 2012, receiving a B.A. in Law & Justice and B.S. in Social Science with a focus in Human Development. JaLeesha went on to get her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education and is currently working in Early Childhood Education.


If you are in crisis or need Immediate Help, please call 911 or visit: Military Crisis Line

For a comprehensive list of Veterans Programs: S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Resources for our Active-duty, Veterans and Military Families: National Resource Directory

Veteran Resources by Location: Pathfinder

  • The Department of Defense established a comprehensive, holistic, spouse-centered program called the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program. As a surviving spouse, you can take advantage of the following resources:
  • The MySECO website is a one-stop online career and education toolbox filled with valuable information, resources and interactive features, designed for military spouses looking to meet career and education goals.
  • The Military Spouse Employment Partnership, a targeted recruitment and employment solution that creates employment connections by providing companies and organizations with direct access to military spouses seeking career opportunities, and connecting spouses with employers who are actively
  • The Spouse Ambassador Network, is a group of like-minded organizations who are affiliated with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership and are dedicated to raising awareness of military spouse education and employment

Military Family Resource Site: Blue Star Families

Resource Database for Veterans and Families: Veterans Families United

Resources for Veterans and Families: Military One Source

Financial Support and other Family Resources: Operation Homefront

VA PTSD Resources: Veterans Affairs PTSD Program

PTSD Outreach Program: Homecoming for Veterans

Information and Help For PTSD: The Road Home PTSD Assistance

PTSD Signs and Symptoms with more Resources: We Honor Veterans

All about Traumatic Brain Injury: Make the Connection

Types of TBI and Treatment Options: Shephard Center

TBI and Veterans by the Numbers: Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

Treatment Options at NICoE: National Intrepid Center of Excellence

Southeastern Guide Dogs: Apply for a Service Dog Online

No Cost Service Dogs for Veterans: Veterans Assistance Dogs

Bringing Veterans Together: Make the Connection

Post-service Career Resources: JobHERO

Non-medical Counseling Resources for Veterans: Military One Source