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College Planning

College Planning

Needs related to application deadlines, admission tests, school selection, considerations regarding study decisions, and the college planning process, in general, can be daunting. SOWF provides a variety of practical resources to plan, organize, and navigate the college planning process, including standardized test (ACT/SAT) preparation, reimbursement for up to five college application fees, admission fees, housing, and orientation deposits, and reimbursement of up to $3,000 for college campus visits leading to an informed selection of college choices.

“I would encourage students to enjoy the college search process as much as possible. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to be able to tour and talk to different people at all of these different high-level institutions. Take a step back and let yourself realize how cool of an opportunity it actually is.” —Mark Wilson, son of Navy SEAL Lt. Mark R. Wilson, who lost his life in 1995. Through a scholarship from Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Mark graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering.

College Success Academy

Special Operations Warrior Foundation has partnered with Gratitude Initiative (GI) to offer students, grades 8-12, with a comprehensive, step-by-step online college planning program providing those participating with free enrollment into the online College Success Academy. This comprehensive program offers career assessments which help students determine what is their best fit for a college major. Based on the pertinent information they have gathered, individuals can ultimately select the right school, appropriate major and necessary curriculum that will help them achieve their career goals. Additionally, the College Success Academy offers SAT/ACT test preparation.

“Thank you SOWF, for offering Gratitude Initiative’s College Success Academy.  I didn’t initially take advantage of the help that the College Success Academy was offering, but once I finally gave it a chance, I realized that I underestimated how much the program could help me.”  Madison Carter is the daughter of Staff Sgt. Ty Carter, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the 2009 Battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan.  

College Planning Conference

In collaboration with The University of Tampa, SOWF hosts an exclusive five-day immersive college planning conference called Operation E.P.I.C. (Educational Planning Information Conference) for high school students. E.P.I.C. provides students with the unique opportunity to learn about what the typical college life offers across the board. The conference specifically focuses on the college admissions process, how to write an effective college admissions essay and other valuable information. Students reside in dorm rooms at The University of Tampa, exchange ideas, laugh and build solid friendships – an incredible experience for all involved. SOWF thanks The University of Tampa for their generous support.

Operation EPIC attendees in Tampa, Florida. 100% of participants reported a significantly improved confidence level in knowing what it takes to get into the school of their choice. There is no cost to attend for eligible students; all conference fees, travel, lodging, and meals are provided by SOWF. EPIC students are paired with successful SOWF college graduates who mentor and coach the students. Topics of the conference include Personal Branding, College Campus Tours, Goal Setting, Knowing Your Strengths, Understanding Types of Schools, and Preparing For and Living on a Budget. 

2022 Operation E.P.I.C. Recap Video