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Private Tutoring

Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides fully funded professional, private tutoring for students from kindergarten through college graduation anywhere in the country. Whether the child is having trouble learning to read or struggling in acing their AP exams to get into their dream college, private, one-on-one tutoring and educational services are provided at no cost to the student. In 2021, 118 students utilized our unlimited tutoring program.

SOWF'S Tutoring Programs Have Helped Gabriel Learn To Read!​

“I’m sending this video of my son Gabriel to share in our joy. This was his first birthday card of the season and he CAN READ IT! We are still working on reading up to his grade level but thanks to you and Special Operations Warrior Foundation’s tutoring program, he has come so far! He was delighted about the card for his birthday but even more so that he read it on his own. Thank you for everything! God Bless you!!” – Krista Simpson Anderson

Krista is the surviving spouse of Special Forces SSG Michael Simpson who lost his life in 2013 while serving with the 1st Special Forces Group. Gabriel is one of Krista and Michael’s two sons, their eldest Michael is 10.