24 April 1980

A Battlefield Promise

At a remote airstrip known as DESERT ONE, a battlefield promise made to 17 American children – when 8 Special Operations Forces were tragically lost in a daring mission – OPERATION EAGLE CLAW – to rescue 52 American hostages in Iran. 


24 April 2020

Special Operations Warrior Foundation has provided academic funding for more than 1,100 students.

For 40 years, SOWF has always been by the side of Warrior families, providing certainty and reliable support.

No matter what, the mission of Special Operations Warrior Foundation continues, and more promises to families of fallen Warriors will inevitably be kept.

A message from Executive Vice President of SOWF
Colonel Sean Corrigan, U. S. Army, Ret

A message from SOWF President
Colonel John T. Carney Jr,
USAF, Retired