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Over the years, I have gained an increased appreciation for our men and women in uniform – all branches of the military – who serve and protect our country, especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice. In fact, the more I cross paths with our heroes and learn about them and their families, the more I am humbled. 

A few years ago, I took a trip to Afghanistan to visit our troops at Bagram Airbase, Camp Leatherhead and Camp Bastion, also spending quality time with a medevac unit over the 4th of July, which was incredibly moving. Frankly, being there was a game changer for me, in turn creating a focused interest in Special Operations Forces. Through various insightful conversations, I learned much about their responsibilities, and what challenges each encountered on a day-to-day basis. Across the board they were committed, the common thread being their respective unwavering devotion to the United States of America. 

Then, about a year ago, I was introduced to MG (Ret) Clay Hutmacher, President and CEO of SOWF. Once he shared the mission of SOWF, detailing what surviving children, surviving spouses and families experience after the loss of a parent or loved one, along with what the wounded are faced with, I asked, “How can I become involved?” As a member of the board of directors, my hope is to actively contribute in a heartfelt manner, utilizing my network and the television and film mediums I am fortunate to be part of. Last Veterans Day, I recorded a message from our Yellowstone set for SOWF’s Join Forces: Honoring Veterans social media campaign, and this past Saturday, some friends and I were involved in: Join Forces: Texas Style, a major fundraising dinner in Dallas. 

Funds raised will benefit the SOWF scholarship program – a program that includes many practical services beginning in preschool, through college, and extending beyond. I’d like to thank all my fellow actors on Yellowstone for their support around that, too. As a patriot, it is important to me to honor those that selflessly sacrificed their life for us. A tangible way to accomplish this objective is by taking care of their children with full educations. I am thankful for this chance to make a difference, and encourage you to consider showing your gratitude, as well. To learn more about us, click here.

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