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Special Operations Warrior Foundation has proudly launched three new programs in 2022 including Private School Tuition Assistance, Home School Stipend, and High School Summer Enrichment Programs. In addition to adding new programs, we have also increased college visit reimbursement from $3,000 to $5,000 per student, increased college application reimbursement from three to five applications and added support for graduate school application fees and professional licensure fees.

1. Private School Tuition Assistance

SOWF provides families with the opportunity to choose between a public and private school. This is a personal decision that is made in the best interest of the child or children. Though costs may be higher for a private institution, SOWF believes providing this option maintains the organization’s consistent approach to ensure student success. To alleviate any financial burden, SOWF will provide up to $5,000 per year per child for tuition and fees associated with K-12 private schools.

To date, SOWF has provided 74 students with private school tuition assistance.

"My children and I have been a part of the SOWF family since October 2019 when my husband, Peter Kraines, passed away in a military training accident. At that time, our son was two and a half years old and I was four months pregnant with our daughter. SOWF reached out to us immediately and have held true to their motto “cradle to career” since my children were very young when their father died. Barbara Secor, Director of Scholarships and Family Outreach at SOWF, has walked beside me with every educational decision I have made, most recently with deciding to send my kids to private school starting with junior kindergarten. I was prepared to pay for this private school education on my own, but quickly found out that SOWF started to financially assist for private school starting in 2022. Tears immediately rolled down my cheeks as I felt, once again, that SOWF was walking alongside me, supporting me in every educational decision I made for my children. I was not alone in this next step of parenthood, SOWF was here for us regarding private school. Barbara is a true advocate for our family and works tirelessly for my children, making sure they have the best education possible.

Another aspect that makes SOWF stand apart from other organizations is that they have never once asked me to prove my financial standing. I have now been a Gold Star Spouse for two and a half years and many organizations ask to have proof of where we stand financially. SOWF does not take that into consideration - they proudly want to support family members of fallen Special Operators and, in my opinion, that has shown respect and honor to my late husband. SOWF wants to support Peter and his family simply because of the career he chose and the ultimate sacrifice that he made.

I will speak of Special Operations Warrior Foundation all of my days and how they have the utmost respect for my late husband, myself, and our two children.

I have recently gone through all of Peter’s gear from his job and found this Pelican Case that has the Special Operations Warrior Foundation sticker right in the middle."

2. Home School Stipend

Transitioning through COVID, SOWF recognized that many of our families still preferred to homeschool their children. Based on their wishes and to maintain health and safety, SOWF now supports reasonable costs related to homeschooling. 

To date, SOWF has 14 students receiving homeschooling support.

"Special Operations Warrior Foundation has been a unique gift to my family. I have been a stay at home and homeschooling mama for 16 years. Shortly after my husband’s death I began thinking I would have to go to work and my children would have to go to school. In a sense they would lose their mama as well as their daddy. SOWF came along side of us, initiated helping with school fees, and helped me continue to be available for my children as they continue to grow and heal. Special Operations Warrior Foundation has been a steady support for me and my children and we feel so loved by their generous care."

3. High School Summer Enrichment Programs

In an effort to encourage students to participate in high school enrichment programs with the purpose of gaining a competitive edge in college admissions, SOWF now assists with costs related to accredited programs typically held at universities around the country, such as medical camps, leadership seminars, and mathematics camps.

To date, SOWF has supported 3 students at various summer camps.

"I am so glad I was able to attend an educational summer camp at Georgetown University in the summer of 2022. The funding from the Special Operations Warrior Foundation made it possible for me to travel from my home in North Ogden, Utah to spend a week in Washington, DC meeting new people, exploring college options, and learning so much right on a college campus. I am forever grateful to the SOWF for helping me have experiences like this--experiences that are helping me prepare for college and my future, in general."

Other additions in 2022:

SOWF increased college visit reimbursement from $3,000 to $5,000 per child. 

SOWF increased college application reimbursement from three applications to five.

College to career transition efforts were enhanced through added support for graduate school application fees and professional licensure fees.