jim dager 


In 1981 H. James (Jim) Dager founded Design Data Corporation in Lincoln, Nebraska to develop a 3D computer modeling system to design, fabricate and aid in the erection of complex steel structures. The software is currently used by thousands of customers around the world. In 2008 Jim retired and moved with his wife Ginger, to Cody, Wyoming where they live on their ranch on Heart Mountain, north of Cody. They have three grown sons, Jim and his girlfriend Amy, Nate and his wife Heather and Greg.


Jim has been involved with Law Enforcement in various ways for most of his adult life. He is a strong supporter of their mission and the positive impact they have on our society. In 2010 he was appointed as a Special Deputy and Law Enforcement Officer with the Park County Sheriff’s Office, and continues to serve in that capacity.


Jim is a licensed pilot and began flying when he was 16. He has had the opportunity to fly a wide variety of aircraft over the years and is grateful for 99% of the time he has been able to spend in the cockpit. His hobbies include gunsmithing and restoring and shooting antique firearms, elk hunting, camping, cooking and oil painting.



“I am very proud of SOWF and their mission to help the children of our fallen heros, and appreciate the opportunity to serve to help fulfil that mission.”