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Lieutenant General Fran M. Beaudette, USA, Retired

Over the course of his 32-year career in Army and Joint assignments, the majority of it as a Green Beret, Francis “Fran” M. Beaudette served with high performing organizations at varying levels, from a 12-man Special Forces ‘A-team’ to the 36,000-Soldier and Civilian US Army Special Operations Command.  

His recent assignments were  Deputy Commanding General of the 1st Armored Division, Assistant Commanding General of JSOC, CG of 1st Special Forces Command and Commanding General of the US Army Special Operations Command.   

Fran is a fluent French speaker, and has had the opportunity to travel to nearly 80 countries. As an immigrant, service to his Nation has been an important hallmark of his career choices.    

His operational assignments, totaling six years of deployed time, include the first Gulf War; comprehensive Africa experience to include noncombatant evacuation operations in Sierra Leone and the Congo; multiple peacekeeping operations in Kosovo; numerous deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Jordan, all during eras of war, turmoil or crisis.

Fran was a distinguished academic and military graduate from the Citadel and holds a MA in Military Arts and Science from the US Army Command & General Staff College and a MS in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College. 

Fran, an avid outdoorsman, and his wife of 32 years, Liz, live in Charleston, SC. They raised three children: one a Special Forces military spouse, one serving in Special Forces, and one in college.