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Forrie J. Smith

American Actor

Forrie J. Smith is an American Actor with a storied background in all things Rodeo, Wrangling, and all- around Cowboying.  Forrie’s horsemanship and rodeo days paved the way for his acting career.  The series Yellowstone has made Mr. Smith a household name; his start in films was almost 30 years ago as a stuntman, wrangler, and eventually he moved into acting.  His list of movies and shows include Dead Man’s Hand, Yellowstone, Just Getting Started, Gunsmoke, Tombstone and several others.  Forrie has no plans on slowing down.

Forrie was born in Helena, Montana and raised on his grandparent’s ranch.  He attended school in Montana City where there were 13 kids in 8 grades.  His family was part of the fabric of the rodeo community with his Grandfather rodeoing in the days of ‘circling the car and snubbing the horses’, his mother, Chick, was a barrel racer and Forrie himself had trained and sold horses before he was 7 years old, by the time he was 8 he was on his second set of chaps.  The love of his grandmother, Josephine Palmer, and the grit developed in rodeo gave Forrie a strong foundation. Forrie carries with him today a strong work ethic, disciplined action, and respect for his fellow man.  

Forrie is proud to be a part of Special Operations Warrior Foundation as well as involved in other charitable programs he believes deeply in: the Shriners Children’s Hospital, Horses for Mental Health, and giving back to the Rodeo community. He is a doting grandfather and very proud father of Forrest ‘Wilder’ Smith who also spends time acting and cowboying.  The two are often seen in films or shows together and have had the incredible opportunity to cowboy and work rodeo’s as a team.