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Brooks Watkins

As owner and operator of Grizzly Targets, a steel target manufacturing company based in Tampa, Florida, Brooks’ company produces quality products for firearm training to military, agency, and private ranges, specializing in customized products with a focus on a value driven mentality.

Born in Tampa, Brooks was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He received a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Georgia and later completed the Advanced Management program at Harvard Business School. Brooks worked in terminal management for 10 years at Watkins Motor Lines and then also with FedEx. In 2009 he became the Senior Vice President of Purchasing, Pricing and Production at Tampa Maid Foods in Lakeland, Florida.

Brooks and his wife, Sarah Ogie Watkins, live in Tampa with their three boys ages 11, 8, and 6, and are active in the Tampa Bay community with their nurturing support of educational, enrichment, and disadvantaged family outreach programs. In his spare time, Brooks enjoys the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing.