Operation IRENE- Perry, GA

September 20, 2019
Guardian Centers
600 Perry Pkway
Perry, GA 31069
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Operation Irene, September 20-22, 2019

Made famous by the movie Black Hawk Down, the Battle of Mogadishu took place in October, 1993. Operation Irene was established as a means to pay tribute to the US service members who lost their lives during those horrific hours of fighting. The inaugural Op Irene was held at a paintball park outside of Atlanta, GA, seventeen years ago and featured US Army Ranger Col.(ret) Danny McKnight vs. US Army Ranger Hall of Famer MSG(ret) "Mad Max" Mullen. Over the weekend of Sept. 20-22, 2019, Operation Irene will come full circle back to Georgia where it all began...this time at the famed Guardian Center in Perry, GA.

This event will mark Col.(ret) McKnight's final Irene. Hundreds of you had supported this tribute from the modest paintball park to the dilapidated Joelton Air Force Base housing, to the incredible Zussmann Urban Combat Training Center at Fort Knox, to MUTC and even to Detroit in 2016...THANK YOU for YOUR SUPPORT which allowed us to continue to donate to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Our staff are working alongside Guardian Center staff to ensure this final episode of Operation Irene affords a proper send off for Col.(ret) McKnight.

Guardian Center no longer entertains "airsoft games". Attending Alumni vouching is required to make sure that each attendee's heart is in the right place. Operation IRENE is a tribute and may not be suitable for all.

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Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series 

Established in Oct. 2002, Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series (OLCMSS) has grown from a modest California based special event to an international military war games phenomena.

Led by a cast of inspirational military personalities ranging from COL (ret) Danny McKnight of Black Hawk Down fame, MSG (ret) Howard 'Mad Max' Mullen (co-author of Army's Hand to Hand Combat Manual), legendary Green Beret COL (ret) Paul Longgrear, SGT Kenn Miller, a LRRP man with 80 Vietnam missions under his belt, SGT Igor Dobroff, Soviet Airborne veteran from the Afghanistan conflict, 1SG Matt Eversmann also of Blackhawk Down fame, and USMC MSG Alexander Radke, OLCMSS has transformed a wide range of young men and women into Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors, many of them in their branches respective Special Ops programs.

SOWF gave me the opportunity that my dad would have wanted me to have.

SOWF provided me with the tools to be successful, both in school and in life. They gave me the opportunity to intern with them, which was a learning experience that helped me in many ways. They are an organization that I trust and believe in wholeheartedly. I believe the staff and volunteers of SOWF truly care about each child, and they make it their mission to help them in any way they can.

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SOWF has been there since day one of my associate degree.

They have always made sure I got what I needed for my living expenses as well as my semester expenses. They not only have given me financial stability when I needed it the most, but also moral and emotional support. If it wasn’t for SOWF I wouldn’t be the professional teacher that I am today. For every success that I made and continue to make in my life, SOWF will be there at the top of the list for all of the thanks and recognition that they deserve for helping me carve my future.

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I cannot begin to express my gratitude,

knowing throughout the college admissions process, that the financial burden of college was no longer on our family. I am forever thankful for all the incredible things SOWF does for military personnel and their families. I am proud to be attending my dream school, the University of Chicago, because of all the Foundation does to honor those who have given their lives. 

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