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Student Spotlight

Andrew Rowe

My name is Andrew Rowe, I have recently graduated from Culver-Stockton College located in northeast Missouri. While at Culver I was studying to get my bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies. While studying to get my degree, I was also playing offensive line on the football team at the school. While playing football and going to school it becomes way more difficult than it used to be playing sports in high school. Sports after high school almost becomes like a job and it can be very difficult to manage time at the beginning but eventually once you get your time management in check it makes things a whole lot easier.

After four years at Culver-Stockton I graduated with my bachelor’s degree but still had one year left of football eligibility, thanks to Covid-19. I decided I wanted to play somewhere else closer to home while also pursue my master’s. So, I emailed a few coaches throughout the nation. Unfortunately, only one school got back to me and that was a small school located in Surprise, Arizona called Ottawa University of Arizona. I took a visit and loved it the second I got there. I am currently getting my master’s in Sports Leadership. Also, during the fall semester, I was playing as a part of the football team but unfortunately, I broke my ankle halfway through the season and was unable to play remainder of the season. After 1 steel plate, 8 screws in the ankle, and months of physical therapy I am going to go play American football in France. I will be playing for the Rouen Leopards. I am planning to play offensive line on this team and play with this team for this season only. I want to play somewhere that is closer to home so that my family is able to come watch the games but also, I am playing with this team to test out my ankle and make sure that I am still able to play at a high intensity.

My father 1st Sergeant Blue C. Rowe was an infectious person, and anyone that met him will have a funny story to tell about him. Being that he passed away when I was only 7 years old I don’t have that many memories of him. Although I was young, me and my dad always enjoyed hanging out together and always going on adventures to planned places like Disneyland or the Griffith Observatory or just getting lost by making the wrong turn.

SOWF has done a lot for me, not just during college but before and after. Before college, I went on this trip where they took a handful of kids to Tampa, and we learned about college at EPIC (Educational Planning Information Conference). This included budgeting information and how they would pay the school. While also having us meet and visit school officials at the University of Tampa. While in college, they created a customized budget, so I clearly understood the money received. Whether it’s from them, the school, or another scholarship, they will take care of it all. Afterward, they will be available to answer any questions you have, whether school-related or not, and they will assist you.

– Andrew Rowe

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