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SOWF Sponsorship Opportunities

SPONSORSHIPS create opportunities to empower students and donors for success. 

More than just a logo placement, SOWF sponsorships ensure that business leadership and employees can experience the impact of supporting a student’s education. 

Personalized videos, social media content, and customized brand presence both online and offline are just some of the components of SOWF sponsorships. We look forward to working with you and helping to create a sponsorship program that meets various business and CSR goals.

what can i sponsor?


  • Golf Outings
  • Runs/Walks
  • Swimming
  • Large Group Dinners
  • Small Group Dinners
  • Clay & Target Shooting


  • Tutoring
  • Preschool
  • Special Needs
  • E.P.I.C. College Prep Conference
  • College to Career Transition
  • ACT/SAT Prep


  • Virtual Run/Walk/Ruck
  • Virtual Endurance Challenge
  • Virtual Saluting the Flag
  • Virtual Food/Beverage Tasting
  • Virtual Town Hall/Conference
  • Virtual “DIY”

For more information please contact Alex Gordon at 813.805.9400 or via email at