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Phil and Amy Mickelson Gift $200,000 to Special Operations Warrior Foundation


Phil and Amy Mickelson’s compassion continues to make a difference in the lives of the surviving Gold Star families of Special Operations personnel who die in the line of duty and operators who are severely wounded.

The relationship between the Mickelsons and Special Operations Warrior Foundation began in 2004, when Phil and Amy created the Birdies for the Brave program. They chose Special Operations Warrior Foundation to be the beneficiary of this new endeavor. The Birdies for the Brave program has grown exponentially since that time and has provided life changing programs for countless military families in need of support. 

Jill Goetsch is the surviving spouse of Army Lt. Ben Colgan who lost his life in Iraq in 2003 while assigned to US Army Special Operations Command. They had two young daughters and one on the way, at the time Lt. Colgan’s death. Grace Goetsch the eldest of the three sisters is now a senior in high school getting ready to attend Northwest Missouri State University, where she will play soccer. Her younger sisters Paige and Cooper are both in high school now. 

In Grace’s words, “I want to thank Special Operations Warrior Foundation for everything they have provided for my sisters and me. They have given us opportunities beyond what we could ask for. Special Operations Warrior Foundation has allowed so many doors to be opened for me. Because of SOWF, paying for college is not something I need to stress about, instead I can just be excited for this next big step.”

Over the last 15 years, Phil and Amy’s heartwarming passion provided college educations to hundreds of children supported by the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Thanks to Phil and Amy children like Grace Goetch will have the opportunity for the college education her father would have wanted for her.

In the words of Steve McLeary, Executive Director of Special Operations Warrior Foundation, “We simply cannot thank Phil and Amy enough for the blessings they bring to the children and families we support.” 

Their personal donations total $950,000 funding college educations for over 100 children. The funds raised through the Birdies for the Brave program have added another $2.4 million dollars for the education of the children of our fallen special operators.

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