40 Years: 1980 - 2020

40 Years of Promises Kept: Special Operations Warrior Foundation Commemorates 40 Years of Service to Warrior Families

40 Years of Promises Kept:

Today, 24 April 2020, Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Commemorates 40 Years of Service to Warrior Families

Valued Family Members, Supporters, and Partners:

24 April 1980: DESERT ONE. A battlefield promise made to 17 American children on 24 April 1980 - when 8 Special Operations Forces were tragically lost in a daring mission to rescue 52 hostages in Iran.

24 April 2020: SPECIAL OPERATIONS WARRIOR FOUNDATION (SOWF). An enduring promise to provide academic funding for more than 890 surviving children as of 24 April 2020, and more than 1,100 students since 1980.


Anniversary Wishes:
Gary Sinise
SOWF Advocate

Anniversary Wishes:
Mark Wilson, Jr.
SOWF Ambassador

Anniversary Wishes:
SOWF Families

Anniversary Wishes:
Future College Student

24 April 2020 is the 40th Anniversary of SOWF and Operations Eagle Claw.

If a US Special Operations Warrior makes the ultimate sacrifice, Special Operations Warrior Foundation fulfills a solemn promise to fund their surviving children's education from “Cradle to Career”. Since 2006, SOWF also provides immediate emergency funding to the families of severely wounded Special Operations Warriors.

For 40 years, Special Operations Warrior Foundation has always been by the side of the families they support, providing certainty and reliable support. No matter what, the mission of Special Operations Warrior Foundation continues, and more promises to families of fallen Warriors will inevitably be kept.

We thank all our generous donors, corporate partners, foundation partners, program partners, current and former Board members, alumni and corporate ambassadors, event hosts, media members and more who enable our mission to continue.

On behalf of more than 890 students who currently qualify for funding and many more to follow: we thank you on this very special occasion.




Clay Hutmacher
Major General, U.S. Army, Retired
President and CEO
Special Operations Warrior Foundation

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SOWF has been there since day one of my bachelor's degree.

They have always made sure I got what I needed for my living expenses as well as my semester expenses. They not only have given me financial stability when I needed it the most, but also moral and emotional support. If it wasn’t for SOWF I wouldn’t be the professional teacher that I am today. For every success that I made and continue to make in my life, SOWF will be there at the top of the list for all of the thanks and recognition that they deserve for helping me carve my future.

Steven Schmauss Read More
SOWF provided me with the opportunity to be more engaged

in my studies rather than worrying about jobs and extracurricular work to pay for schooling. In addition, I was able to invest my time in leadership positions which have taught me so much as a person.

Ryan Soltes Read More
I cannot begin to express my gratitude,

knowing throughout the college admissions process, that the financial burden of college was no longer on our family. I am forever thankful for all the incredible things SOWF does for military personnel and their families. I am proud to be attending my dream school, the University of Chicago, because of all the Foundation does to honor those who have given their lives. 

Forrest Haydon Read More