40 Years: 1980 - 2020

Named Scholarships Empower Students for Future Success

Named Scholarships Empower StudentsA Named Scholarship supports the children of our fallen Special Operations Forces by contributing or fundraising for one or more years of post-secondary education. You can specifically empower:

 -One student over multiple years
 -Multiple students for one or more years
 -Student(s) by geographic region
 -College students by academic focus

Expenses covered include tuition, books, housing, laptops, printers, tutoring, internship search support, training on resume writing, and more.

Your investment in a college student’s academics will empower her/him for future success, while honoring the memory of her/his parent’s sacrifice for our country’s freedom and security. Named scholarships for college students are called "College Champions."

Please note that you can also establish a Named Scholarship to support a child or children in pre-school or other early childhood education. Named scholarships for young children's education are called "Little Warriors." 

All Named Scholarships can be created and recognized in your family name, company name, or foundation name. You will receive an official SOWF Named Scholarship certificate, direct correspondence from the student(s) or family your gift is supporting, and other symbolic materials of appreciation. All Named Scholarship funds will be recognized on our website, though we will always honor donors who prefer/request anonymity.

To learn more about how to empower today's and tomorrow's students through a Named Scholarship, please contact Marc Portugal, Director of Development, at 813.805.9400 or
by e-mailing

To make a general donation to support the students and families, please click here.