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My name is Lauren Fritz and I’m currently studying abroad

My name is Lauren Fritz and I’m currently studying abroad in Brighton, England.

Studying Exercise Science at the University of Brighton, or UOB, has not only expanded my knowledge of exercise physiology and sports psychology but has allowed me to experience a more hands-on and methodical approach to my studies. UOB’s education has better equipped me to thrive in the advanced classes I’ll be taking when I return home. The professors here, or tutors as they call them, are incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating to student’s needs. Thanks to all the hard work of SOWF and my home university, all the classes I’m enrolled in abroad will go towards my degree.

While living in Brighton I’ve developed a deeper understanding of what it means to be fully immersed in another complex culture. Being placed in a completely new environment far from the comfort of home and school has been a spectacular growing experience. My time here has enabled me to challenge myself in more diverse ways than I ever thought possible. Relying completely on public transportation can be difficult when railways shut down, but this allowed me to embrace how much I, and all the other people using trains or buses, are unable to control in these situations. During my time here, I’ve pushed myself to meet new people, and most of all I’ve been challenged academically by being demanded of more in my independent study time compared to my college education in the U.S. Within all of these situations I’ve taken a step back to analyze, comprehend and learn from the experiences I’ve had abroad.

Living on my own, far from my family and a pond away has truly helped me be more independent and self-aware. Traveling to other countries while experiencing different cultures and diverse ways of living has given me the opportunity to receive an education outside the classroom. I now have a deeper understanding of the importance of being culturally aware and respectful when traveling to other countries.

From measuring energy expenditure to watching the beautiful Brighton sunset, my time here has been one of the best experiences of my life.

These are all things I wouldn’t have experienced if it weren’t for SOWF. I am continually grateful to SOWF, for yet again, providing me with the resources to become a better-rounded individual through education and experiences.


Lauren is the daughter of Air Force Major Gregory Fritz, who was killed in 2002 while serving with 15th Special Operations Squadron. 

Lauren’s brother Connor is a graduate of Western Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Medical Care.  Lauren is currently a junior at Sonoma State University studying Kinesiology.  

*Special Operations Warrior Foundation encourages a well rounded educational experience. This is one of many reasons that SOWF will fund one study-abroad program for each student. The program must be fully accredited and have credit hours counting towards the students’ major to be funded by SOWF. *

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