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SOWF believes the educational journey starts at an early age. Therefore, our mission is to support our youngest students, ages 2 – 5, by providing up to $8,000 a year for preschool programs that have national accreditation.

Multiple studies have shown that attending preschool gives children a head start on their road to receive a solid post-secondary education, while supplying a balanced academic and social experience. According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal, preschool can help children become “more robust and resilient” and “better able to deal with the unexpected twists and turns of fate.” By focusing on this young demographic, we are confident that the strides we make, backed by the assistance of financial support from SOWF donors, are constructive measures that very likely ensure their long-term success, both in and out of the classroom.

Recently, one of our students, Everest Hess, began attending her very first Montessori preschool. Her mother, surviving spouse, Jessica Hess, shared the following thoughts:

“Our mountain baby started Montessori today! I am so excited that she is getting this amazing opportunity that will have such a strong and lasting positive impact on her education. I am grateful and humbled beyond words for the continued love and support we have received from Special Operations Warrior Foundation with all that they have given in support of the education for the children of fallen Special Operations Personnel. They are fully covering Everest’s tuition!! Thank you for stepping up in the absence of our soldier. Everest kept saying, “I want to see friends!”

Everest Hess is the daughter of US Army SSG Jacob Hess, who lost his life in 2019, while serving with the 97th Civil Affairs Battalion.

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