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A Message from NFL Lineman Alejandro Villanueva

Alejandro Villanueva in Ravens uniform

“Though I changed NFL teams this past off-season, I remain steadfastly committed to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Having served in the military and our Special Operations community, I believe it is important that we honor the fallen by taking care of their children with fully funded college educations and additional educational opportunities throughout their academic journey.

Having been deployed more than once to Afghanistan, I had the privilege of leading others and developing a bond with my teammates. The same can be said for my time in the NFL. The important difference is, some of those I lined up with in the military made the ultimate sacrifice, leaving behind a family facing a dramatically different and uncertain future. SOWF relieves these families of the financial burden related to their children’s education; from preschool thru post-secondary education, and the foundation is with these kids every step of the way.

I would encourage everyone to support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation in their mission to honor the sacrifice of our Special Operations Personnel and Medal of Honor recipients by funding the education of the children they left behind. They can’t do it without you!”



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Al Villanueva

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