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Lat35 & SOWF: Amazon Row Journey

Lat35, a global leadership development and training organization, is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking event, the Amazon Row, to benefit Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF). Jason Caldwell, Founder and CEO of Lat35, and SOWF Ambassador, is a world-class athlete and leader in corporate training programs – this September, he will row 1000 miles of the Amazon River in a primitive boat and support will be provided by local villagers along the river. The event will serve as a testament to the values of endurance, leadership, and service, while raising sponsorship funds for SOWF’s “cradle to career” educational scholarships for the children of fallen Special Operations Personnel lost in the line of duty and children of all Medal of Honor recipients.

Jason Caldwell, Founder and CEO of Lat35

A Preview of this Journey On the Mystical Amazon...

The Project.

In September 2023, Jason Caldwell will attempt to row 1000 miles from Tabatinga, a small jungle town on the border of Brazil, Colombia and Peru to Manaus the Amazon’s biggest city in just 14 days. It’s a monumental undertaking, fraught with danger: a visceral, ‘seat of the pants’ adventure of truly heroic scale.

Jason will face countless, uncontrollable obstacles: a river teeming with crocodiles; bandits and smugglers; suffocating humidity; electrical storms; and he will have to negotiate safe passage with the indigenous tribes who line the banks – some friendly, some not.

It will be a huge test of endurance and leadership beyond any of Jason’s previous exploits. A test made all the harder because Jason will start his adventure without a team.

Jason believes he can teach anyone to row. And he believes he can build and lead teams from the ground up, leveraging human emotion and creating a singular goal regardless of background, culture and language. To prove it, Jason is heading to the Amazon with just the boat – a stripped-back 8m ocean rowing boat equipped with oars, satellite navigation and a small anchor. He will have to source food, water and a 3 to 4 person crew that he will recruit from the local people who call the river their home: indigenous guides, miners, fishermen, doctors, farmers, and conservationists.

Jason’s ability to navigate the challenges that arise and ultimately achieve his goal will depend entirely on the tools he’s acquired as an adventure athlete and student of leadership for the past 20 years.

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