In Their Own Words

Stories and videos from Special Operators and their families.

Video featuring SOWF President & CEO Vice Admiral Joe Maguire, USN (retired) and SOWF scholarship recipient Kaylee Henry and surviving spouse Emily Fitzpatrick Cooper.

Tommy Miller

Son of Army Major Kenneth Miller, who lost his life in Bolivia in 2003 while assigned to Southern Command.

Kyle Anderson

Son of Chief Warrant Officer Michael Anderson, who lost his life in Iraq in 1991 while assigned to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

Aaron and Katie Connor

Son and daughter of Army Sergeant Major Bradley Connor, who lost his life in Iraq in 2007 while assigned to the 1st Special Forces Group.

Testimonials from Wounded Special Operators

“My wife and I want to say ‘thank you’ to all of the wonderful people who make the Special Operations Warrior Foundation possible.  The assistance given during this rough patch in our lives will never be forgotten.  The check and loaded backpack were unexpected, but welcome gifts.  My wife has been able to plan for a new bed that will accommodate my injuries once we transition back home. There is not a better feeling than when a man can stand side-by-side with his brothers in combat.  I have done it eight different times, and God has protected me and watched over my brothers.  I am thankful to have brothers like you who stand with me during times like these.”

– Special Forces soldier (2014)


“To me, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation is a support system. While the financial side of that support is invaluable, knowing that there is a group of people behind me who are invested in helping me succeed has been equally important.”

– Sarah Oswald


“The Special Operations Warrior Foundation allows people to move on with their lives and push forward.  Loss is hard, but the knowledge that there are people who care gives us great comfort.  Thank you all.”

– Adam Singleton


“The people at SOWF genuinely care about us and they are not  a check-in-the-mail type of organization.  SOWF means so much to me because they take away the financial stress that comes along with college.  I could not be more thankful.”

– Cheyenne Yost


“Without the assistance of SOWF’s scholarship program, I would not have been able to attend my dream school. The SOWF really comes through for families when they need help the most.”

– Loren Pittman


 “I would like to take this opportunity to truly thank you for all of your unwavering love and support. This organization made a promise to see me through graduation, to assist me along the way to earning my degree. You have kept that promise. You stuck with me the whole way. For this, I am truly blessed to be part of the SOWF family.”

– Kathryn Blais


“Everything the SOWF does means the world to me.  There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful.”

– Ebony Sherrill