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Lowcountry Foundation Golf Tournament

12th Annual Lowcountry Foundation Golf Tournament

Important Changes to the 2023 Golf Events

Due to Hampton Hall Club’s golf course renovation project, we will have from twelve (12) to sixteen (16) fewer foursomes playing in our event this year. And, we will be playing on two (2) different days, at two (2) different courses. These changes have required us to make several adjustments to this year’s registration process.

We are proud to announce that this year’s first event will be held at Wexford Club on the island on April 24th. The second event will be held at our partner Oldfield Club on May 22nd, as was originally planned. Each event will have similar golf events, parachute jumps, awards, dinners, and live auction activities. But, due to each venue’s dining facility size, they cannot accommodate more than 20 to 22 foursomes in addition to Heroes, their escorts, and special guests.

With these constraints, we will be prioritizing registrations at each venue in roughly the following order:

• Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors.

• Hero teams; Individuals paying for a full foursome of Wounded Heroes (anticipating 6 to 7 teams).

• Members of the hosting golf clubs; Oldfield and Wexford.

• Invited foursomes

As of January 1, we have:

• 11 Sponsor teams  • 4 Hero teams

• 20 Hosting club foursome allocations (current estimated minimum of 10 at each site, subject to change)

So, we have 35 of the 40 to 44 teams already allocated. The best way to improve your odds of securing one of the limited remaining spots for your team is to purchase a silver ($2,500), gold ($5,000) or platinum ($10,000) sponsorship. However, we recognize this is not practical for some and we also recognize we will be asking many of our longtime supporters to “sit this one out.” Even members of the charities attending this year will not be playing. These are sacrifices we, unfortunately, have to make but we hope to be back to our normal routine next year.

What we plan NOT to sacrifice is the quality of our events and our focus on ensuring the Wounded Heroes in attendance have one of, if not, the best day of their year.

Due to the added costs associated with this year’s events, team registrations have been raised to $1,000 ($250 per person).

Another change in the registration form relates to venue selection. You will be asked to select one of three (3) options; “Wexford”, “Oldfield”, or “Either”. If you select “Either” and you are not selected to play in the first Wexford event, we will consider your application for Oldfield.

We would encourage you to get your registration form and money in for your team as soon as possible. Approximately one (1) month prior to each event, we will notify team “Captains” whose teams have been selected to play.

We will NOT cash any checks until entrants are confirmed.

If you are one of the teams not selected to participate this year, we thank you for your understanding and encourage you to consider making a monetary donation that will help reduce our shortfall by not having as many participants this year.

Our sincerest thanks to all of you for your prior support and your understanding related to this year’s events.

Kind regards,

Your LFWMH Board

The event is finished.


Apr 24 2023 - May 22 2023


All Day

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