Corporate Involvement

Benefits of Corporate Giving

Improving Public Image
Organic Publicity
Gaining Customer Support and Brand Loyalty
Boosting Employee Engagement
Tax Deductions


Ways to Give

Event Sponsorship
We have several annual sponsorship opportunities for dinner events and golf tournaments. Sponsorship levels vary for each of these events. For the most up to date information on upcoming sponsorship opportunities, visit our  Sponsorship Opportunities page.

Cause Related Marketing/Donate Proceeds 
There are many types of cause-related marketing ventures, and together we will find the right fit for your company. Many businesses choose to donate a portion of every sale to SOWF. This helps strengthen a long-term association between your company and your philanthropic profile, specifically with SOWF. Other companies choose to donate proceeds from a specific product. This type of relationship is beneficial when you want to bring attention to a new or specific product and create interest that may not otherwise be there. Other relationships involve donating proceeds during a specific time period. This is best when you want to boost sales for a short time and works well around patriotic times of the year like, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, etc. Learn more.

Donation of Advertisement
SOWF prides itself as being good stewards of every donation. This is why we do not spend money on advertising. We rely on our generous supporters to promote SOWF in various ways. This can be on your website or customer database, including SOWF in your company's advertising or marketing campaigns via (Radio/TV/Print/etc. ). If you would like to use the SOWF name in logo in your promotions, please contact us for the proper usage rights.

Matching Gift Programs
Many companies already have matching gift programs. If you need help setting up a Matching Gift program please contact us at

Get Your Employees Involved
By adopting SOWF as your company’s charity of choice and endorsing it to your employees, you make your employees feel included in the sponsorship. Employees can get involved with matching gift programs, volunteering and personal donations. We can set up a unique donation link for your company so we can track donations made by your employees.

Get Customers Involved/Donations at Register
By getting your customers involved, you are supporting the foundation at no cost to you. Adding an option to donate at checkout is an easy way to show what causes you support and gives your customers an easy way to support those same causes. Customers often select to round up or add an extra donation, when prompted. Your company can then send us the donations on a monthly or quarterly basis. Another option is for us to set up a unique donation link that you can send out to your customers through, email blasts, social media, etc.

Donate Goods
We accept in-kind donations, of products, services, or experiences, to support our many events with raffle and auction items (

For further information and questions, contact Aly Olson at or 813-805-9400.