40 Years: 1980 - 2020

Enduring Promise:

A 40th Anniversary Campaign 

Every child of a fallen Special Operator deserves the greatest opportunity for future success. Should their parent make the ultimate sacrifice, Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) will be by their side.

Today, we are committed to funding the education expenses for more than 870 children. We will support them from “cradle to career.” Since 2006, we’ve also provided immediate financial support to families of severely wounded special operators.

We must continue to fulfill our mission for the next 40 years and beyond. Understanding the critical need to support current and future families, SOWF is honored to officially announce Special Operations Warrior Foundation’s 40th anniversary campaign:



Our singular campaign goal: empower the surviving children of fallen Special Operators for the next 40 years. Your contributions can support preschool and early education expenses. You can support tutoring for all ages and SAT/ACT prep classes. Your gifts can fund four years of tuition, housing, books, laptops, and more. Your investments in the Enduring Promise campaign will impact current and future generations of SOF families. As we continue fulfilling our solemn promise, we will always remain laser focused on WHY our work is so critical:

Empowering academic success for every surviving child.
Relieving financial burdens and worries on surviving spouses.
Assisting families in reuniting with severely wounded operators.

The Enduring Promise campaign offers donors like you diverse ways to invest in our children and families:

Named Scholarships: multi-year giving pledges to fund the education of a student or multiple students.

Impact Partnerships: businesses committing to donations, student internships, and co-marketing.

Marketing and Event Sponsorships: businesses investing in our programs at dinners, golf outings, etc.

Securities Donations: transfers of stock and/or mutual funds to be converted into cash.

Named Endowments:one-time significant gift whose earnings are used to fund programs.

Planned Giving: individuals naming SOWF in their estate planning, gift annuities, and trusts.

Monthly Giving: affordable recurring gifts made by individuals, businesses, teams, and more.


Please consider the impact that your investment will make. Debt-free educations. New skills and abilities. New relationships and networks. Confidence and pride. Hope for the future.

To make a one-time donation toward the Enduring Promise campaign, please click the button below:


On behalf of 870+ children and many more to follow: thank you for believing in our mission, and for your willingness to honor the sacrifices of our bravest Warriors. Together, our promise will endure.