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What We Do

Special Operations Warrior Foundation pledges to ensure full college funding to every surviving child of a special operator who loses their life in the line of duty.

We proactively reach out to every eligible family. They do not need to apply for our help.

Additionally, SOWF realizes that one of the most difficult challenges that special operations families may face is the immediate financial burden when their loved ones are hospitalized with severe combat wounds or injuries. We fulfill this need by immediately providing a check to the service member (or his/her designated recipient) so the family and loved ones can be at their bedside.

After we reach out to a fallen special operations service member’s family, we stay in touch through the entire educational process.

Our counselors work with the families to ensure in-home tutoring is available from kindergarten through college graduation. We contact the high school students to customize a personal plan for their studies at a university, vocational or technical school. We help prepare the students for SAT/ACT examinations and college applications.

You Can Help

Last year, 32 special operations service members lost their lives and left behind 66 children. Those children are the newest members of the SOWF family and sadly that number continues to grow.  They need your help to meet the anticipated need for scholarships.

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SOWF gave me the opportunity that my dad would have wanted me to have.

SOWF provided me with the tools to be successful, both in school and in life. They gave me the opportunity to intern with them, which was a learning experience that helped me in many ways. They are an organization that I trust and believe in wholeheartedly. I believe the staff and volunteers of SOWF truly care about each child, and they make it their mission to help them in any way they can.

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SOWF has been there since day one of my associate degree.

They have always made sure I got what I needed for my living expenses as well as my semester expenses. They not only have given me financial stability when I needed it the most, but also moral and emotional support. If it wasn’t for SOWF I wouldn’t be the professional teacher that I am today. For every success that I made and continue to make in my life, SOWF will be there at the top of the list for all of the thanks and recognition that they deserve for helping me carve my future.

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SOWF provided me with the opportunity to be more engaged

in my studies rather than worrying about jobs and extracurricular work to pay for schooling. In addition, I was able to invest my time in leadership positions which have taught me so much as a person.

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