GIs of Comedy Tour- Tampa, FL (Other Dates and Locations in Description)

November 23, 2019
Mac Dill AFB, FL Get Directions

The GIs of Comedy 2019 USAF Tour! Different teams from the GIs of Comedy will be headed to 28 different USAF bases across the continental United States all throughout 2019!

Line Ups will differ every show. Check with FSS for show times and locations. This show will feature:

– Thom Tran (US Army)
– Benari Poulten (US Army)
– Jose Sarduy (USAF)


05/01: Fairchild AFB, WA
05/03: Malmstrom AFB, MT
05/05: Mt. Home AFB, ID

05/16: Schriever AFB, CO
05/17: Buckley AFB, CO
05/18: Ellsworth AFB, SD

06/06: Beale AFB, CA
06/07: Travis AFB AFB, CA
06/08: Vandenberg AFB, CA

06/20: Kirtland AFB, NM
06/21: Cannon AFB, NM
06/22: Holloman AFB, NM

10/17: FE Warren AFB, WY
10/18: US Air Force Academy, CO
10/19: Peterson AFB, CO

10/23: Edwards AFB, CA
10/25: Luke AFB, AZ
10/26: Davis-Monthan, AZ

11/15: JB McGuire-Dix, NJ
11/16: JB Langley-Eutis, VA

11/21: Maxwell AFB, AL
11/22: Eglin AFB, FL
11/23: MacDill AFB, FL

12/05: Arnold AFB, TN
12/06: Columbus AFB, MS
12/07: Little Rock AFB, AR

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