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Cause Related Marketing Terms & Conditions

Cause-Related Marketing Protocols

1. If the Special Operations Warrior Foundation brand is to be used in publicity and marketing materials, the Foundation must approve in writing any layout design incorporating the logo prior to production and release.

2. Without special written consent, Special Operations Warrior Foundation may only be identified as the beneficiary of your item or campaign without implied endorsement or approval.

3. Promotions for your campaign or item must reflect the Special Operations Warrior Foundation as the beneficiary, not the owner, creator, or sponsor.

4. Special Operations Warrior Foundation is not responsible for marketing and/or promoting your item and/or campaign.

5.  As a top-rated nonprofit, there are guidelines set forth by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that we must follow.  The standard set by the BBB instructs companies and marketers to:

“Clearly disclose how the charity benefits from the sale of products, services, or activities that state or imply that a charity will benefit from a consumer sale or transaction.”

Such promotions should disclose, at the point of solicitation:

  • The actual or anticipated portion of the purchase price that will benefit the charity (ie. X dollars will be contributed to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation from every ticket sold), or specific percentage of gross or net proceeds (revenue or profit) that will benefit charity (ie. X% of gross proceeds from this item will be donated to SOWF)
  • The duration of the campaign, unless ongoing (min. 1 year), (ie. A three month period, from May 1, XXXX through July 31, XXXX, or the specific date of the event),
  • Any maximum or guaranteed minimum contribution amount (i.e. A minimum donation of $15,000 up to a maximum donation of $200,000).

Terms & Conditions of Logo Usage

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation (herein referred to as the “Foundation”) hereby grants to the party identified below as the “Licensee” a non-exclusive, non-transferable license and permission to use and display the Warrior Foundation Logo (herein referred to as the “Logo” subject to the Licensee agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Licensee shall not make any alterations to the Logo, or adapt the Logo as part of another symbol or mark.

2. The Licensee shall use the Logo only in accordance with specifications and purpose set out in event proposal or partnership agreement 

3. The Licensee shall not use the Logo for any commercial purposes, including clothing and memorabilia, unless authorized by the Foundation 

4. The Licensee shall not grant permission to any other person or entity to use the Logo.

5. The Licensee’s use of the Logo will adhere to the Foundation’s policies with respect to diversity, race relations and accessibility.

6. The Licensee agrees to send the Foundation copies of all materials (print, video, etc.) where the Logo is used.

7. The Licensee acknowledges that the Foundation assumes no liability in respect of the use of the Logo.

8. The Foundation may terminate Licensee’s right to use the Logo effective immediately upon written notice.

The Licensee hereby accepts all of the conditions with respect to the license of the Logo as set forth herein.

Donor Privacy

Special Operations Warrior Foundation respects the privacy of its donors. We will not share our mailing list or send mail to constituents on behalf of third parties. We encourage other means of promotion with appropriate use of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation name/logo.