Laser Spine Institute Offers Internship Opportunities to SOWF Students

Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) is committed to helping the children of fallen special operations personnel reach their full academic potential and to grow into successful adults. SOWF does that by providing academic assistance, tutoring, college preparation and fully funded post-secondary education to every child of a special operator who loses their life in the line of duty. Thanks to Laser Spine Institute, in addition to the academic guidance and assistance provided by SOWF, students are eligible for internships that will benefit them beyond their education, into their careers13512099_10208638514873671_4953108802503460855_nInterns packing room_03_v1_close up

This summer, 2016, marked the inaugural year for SOWF Student Internships at Laser Spine Institute in Tampa, FL. This six-week internship provided two current SOWF college students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, apply knowledge learned in their college classrooms, and develop confidence and skills necessary for an office environment.

This year’s college interns were Breanna and Samantha Walters, an upcoming Senior and Junior at University of West Florida. They are two of the four daughters of Air Force Tech. Sgt. Howard Walters who lost his life in Afghanistan in 2003. Breanna, who is studying biology and Samantha, who is studying exercise science, are both exemplary students looking to further their education and careers in the sciences, so Laser Spine Institute was the perfect match. In each week of their internship, Breanna and Samantha were introduced to a different component of what makes Laser Spine Institute successful. They were introduced to hospitality, management, and even got to scrub in and observe the medical components.

To succeed in this program, interns must be devoted to learning about spine conditions and the minimally invasive procedures that can help treat them. This requires dedication to intense studying, hours of observation, and stepping out of their comfort zone to help others find relief.

The significance of this program is best told by the interns themselves. In the words of Samantha Walters,

“My experiIntern Samantha_01_v1ence was nothing short of rewarding and it was a pleasure to learn and watch the art of medicine from such great, intelligent people. I will cherish this experience and let it guide me through my studies in physical therapy. Thank you to Laser Spine Institute and Special Operations Warrior Foundation for making this possible.”

– Samantha Walters

Special Operations Warrior Foundation is honored to work with Laser Spine Institute. Laser Spine Institute is a company that values leadership, commitment, and innovation and that will demonstrate these values to each SOWF student who earns the opportunity to intern there. With Laser Spine Institute’s internship program, SOWF is able to expand its commitment to the success of the children of fallen special operators, to outside of the classroom.

Intern Brie_01_v1

“I learned and experienced so many things while interning at Laser Spine Institute that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I will miss the people there who all impacted my life and made this summer so rewarding.”

– Breanna Walters

If your company has, or would like to start, an internship program that would be a good fit for SOWF students please e-mail to get started.